Friday, April 21, 7:00PM 

Bank is not available, we meet at Paul's Pick-A-Part, 1.5 miles from the lights at the VA Togus intersection, Rt 17, Chelsea.

This is a business meeting, please read your newsletter, we need to wrap up elections.

Earth Science Day was October 18, 2016

Pictures from our exhibit in 2015 at the Maine State Museum

Apitite Tourmaline

The Kennebec Rocks and Minerals Club

Member of American Federation of Mineralogical Societies

Member of Eastern Federation of Mineralogical & Lapidary Societies  


This club is dedicated to the pursuit of Rockhounding in all of it’s phases and to the education and guidance of it’s members and the public in the furtherance of this hobby.


President: Bill Petite
1st Vice-President: Paul Pinette 592-7460 Bowdoinham, ME
2nd Vice-President: Stacy Morang 620-0559 Winthrop, ME
Secretary: Peter Serrada
Treasurer: Ron LePage 873-6270 Waterville, ME 04901


Board of Directors

Vladimer Reneyske   458-0735

Doc Painter, William Pettitt, 778-3040


Program:   Show Committee  
Field Trip & Safety: Melissa Carter, Del Johnston, Kim Peach
Hospitality: Sun/Penny Guyaz Sat./???
Hospitality: Vladimir Reneyske Advertising: Ron LePage
Show Chairman: Ron LePage Set-up: Ron LePage
Bulletin Editor: Ron LePage Demonstrations: Gary Hall
Web Master: Stacy Morang, Ron LePage Silent Auction: Paul Pinette
Advisors: Sonny Chavarie, Doc Painter, David Pillsbury



Stacy Morang will be away in 2017

Going to need someone else

    Mineral Games: Joyce Callahan
    Exhibits: Paul Pinette


Monthly Meetings: Except Jan/Feb

3rd Friday of each month, 7:00 PM   Join us.  Visitors are welcome.
Location: Normally Kennebec Savings Bank, Main Street, Winthrop, ME, however April 21, 2017 is at Paul's Pick-A-Part


Field Trips: May to October, usually on the Saturday or Sunday following monthly meetings.
Dates may change for better field trip sites.

 Details posted in club bulletin, on our website or given at meetings.

Annual Show: Labor Day Weekend, Augusta Armory, Western Avenue, Augusta, ME (207-873-6270)

Club Address:

37 May St. Waterville, ME 04901


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Great Find

Many mineral collectors are independent rockhounds who go on field trips by themselves or with a friend. They Occasionally find a location to collect minerals from books or word of mouth. Belonging to a mineral club will help a collector or beginner in many ways that the lone collector may never know. Information is gathered by Federations across the nation and is passed on to the member clubs. Members of individual clubs receive this information via club bulletins and/or at regular meetings.

Monthly field trips are held, usually on the Sunday following the meeting, with chances of finding valuable specimens.Federations or clubs sometimes set up a special field trip to a quarry where the owner will set off a blast or turn over the dumps with an excavator to uncover new material. These outings are usually restricted to club members.    Club Shows, Rock Swaps and Auctions are held by some clubs annually which can provide yet another source of hard to find specimens.

These are but a few of the numerous benefits enjoyed by club members. Contact the club nearest you and enjoy the benefits of being a club member and making new friends. All are welcome to check out our meetings at:

Kennebec Rocks and Minerals Club Inc.

Meetings held: 3rd Friday, monthly, 7:00 PM
Kennebec Savings Bank, Main Street, Winthrop   Contact: Vladimir Reneyske, 458-0735   reneyske@fairpoint.net

Maine Mineralogical and Geological Society

Meetings held: Last Sat., monthly, 7:00 PM
Rm 1, Payson Smith Hall, USM Portland Campus.  Contact: Edwin Clopton,  854-1219   edclop@myfairpoint.net

Water-Oak Gem and Mineral Society, Inc.

Meetings held: 1st Saturday, monthly, 7:00 PM
Mt Mirici School, Chase Ave., Waterville.     Contact: Ellery Borow, 547-3154

Oxford County Mineral and Gem Association, Inc.

Meetings held: 1st Friday, monthly,7:00 PM
Woodstock Elem. School, Brant Pond, ME  Contact: Ken Briggs, 665-2607   rhinokevin1@gmail.com

Penobscot Mineral and Lapidary Club 

Meetings held: 2nd Saturday, monthly, 2:00 PM 48 Henderson Lane, Milford, ME      Contact: Ruth Siebert, 234-2253    rcbrt@aol.com

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 Field Trips 2017

Field Trip:

    Field trips are for members, check out the Join Us tab above for information - it's very affordable!


Thanks to our members, dealers and attendees for a great show.

See you next year!

 Rockhounders 28th Annual Gem and Mineral Show